5 Back Pain Myths

5 Back Pain Myths

The Complexity of Back Pain

Back pain is a very complicated issue. It can be the result of a vast array of issues, many of which are difficult to diagnose. Depending on the diagnosis, back pain issues can be treated in many different ways.

Many people have misconceptions about back pain that have persisted through time. A lack of education about back pain has created a variety of myths. These misconceptions can be dangerous because what might help one person could seriously harm another. We thought it was time we revealed the truth behind some of these myths.

Back Pain Myths

Myth 1: The spine is delicate and easily injured.

The Truth: Your spine and muscles, tendons, and ligaments that surround it are actually extremely strong, flexible, and supportive. You can keep it in even better shape by participating in strength, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning.

Myth 2: The key to recovery for back pain is always REST.

The Truth: Sometimes rest can be helpful. But, in most instances, one or two days of rest can actually harm your recovery. Resting for too long can cause:

  • Muscle atrophy
  • Risk of blood clots
  • Cardiopulmonary deconditioning
  • Bone mineral loss

Myth 3: One of my parents has back problems, so I will too.

The Truth: The vast majority of back pain issues are not genetic.  Parents rarely pass on any back or neck pain issues onto their children.

Myth 4: Getting a massage will help with my back pain.

The Truth: Getting a massage can help reduce acute back pain in the short-term. Think of massage like a treatment for the symptoms, but not for the problem. If you want long-term solutions to your back problems, you should see a professional that can address the root cause of your problem.

Myth 5: I lead an active lifestyle. I shouldn’t get back pain.

The Truth: Back pain can affect anyone, regardless of their physical fitness level. While it is true that people who lead an active lifestyle are less likely to be afflicted with back pain, they are not immune. Some sports are likely to cause back pain like golf, volleyball, and gymnastics. However, in all cases the back should be properly conditioned for any activity. Having a well-conditioned back sets a strong platform for the rest of your body.

How Can GSM Help?

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