10 Reasons Why Golden State Medical Should Be Your TENS Unit Company

  1. Our GSM HD Combo Units are delivered directly to the patient. Education is provided by a California Health and Human Services Exemptee Licensed employee of Golden State Medical at no charge to the patient or the insurance company.
  2. All insurance verification and authorization is done by Golden State Medical staff so as not to consume valuable Physician or Therapist staff time.
  3. We are a local company based in Northern California, so service needs are met on a timely basis.
  4. The GSM HD Combo Unit is patient-friendly and easy to use. Units have a functional design with a large LED screen to easily view program timing and stimulation protocols.
  5. The UNIT offers the combination of TENS Therapy and Muscle Stimulation to help Chronic Pain patients as well as patients with rehabilitation needs such as Disuse Atrophy.
  6. Our GSM HD Combo Unit is the only one with 3 revolutionary “HAN Pain Therapy” modes. Independent Scientific Studies have proven HAN Therapy to be effective in pain reduction.
  7. The GSM HD Combo unit offers a customizable muscle stimulation program to treat any patient muscle stimulation diagnosis (Disuse Atrophy).
  8. The GSM HD Combo Unit has built-in safety features to prevent patients from unexpected electrical surges due to electrode lifting or leadwire shortage. The safety feature will automatically shut down the unit for patient protection.
  9. The GSM HD Combo Unit has a patient compliance meter to monitor patient usage.
  10. Golden State Medical offers a variety of High Quality Electrodes to deliver comfortable stimulation to suit every patient’s skin type, resulting in better outcomes in pain reduction and rehabilitation.

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