GSM Aceso™

GSM Aceso™

GSM Aceso™ Unit

Helping women manage incontinence

The GSM Aceso™ device is a highly successful solution to incontinence in women. Our GSM Aceso™ unit offers custom programming and choice of several different levels and programs.

Applications of the GSM Aceso™ device include:

  • Promotion of continence.
  • Increase and improvement of muscle strength.
  • Increase and improvement of blood supply to the muscle.
  • Temporary release of pain.
  • Strengthening of the PC muscles in order to prevent or reduce pelvic floor problems.
  • Treatment of Vaginal and Uterine prolapses, depending on severity.
  • Strengthening of levator muscles weakened by damage or lost nerve input, especially in the case of C-sections, and/or operations for hernia and hysterectomy.

Golden State Medical will provide:

  • Education in equipment operation to ensure optimum treatment results.
  • Our office staff pre-authorizes insurance benefits and completes all paperwork necessary for third party billing, including Worker’s Compensation, private insurance, and Medicare.
  • We have personnel on call 24 hours a day should our clients need assistance.

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